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90% of schools in Denmark have no child protection policy Document: Panel | Mangaluru News

MANGALURU: The Masotsava Child Rights Committee observed that 90% of schools in Dakshina Kannada do not have a child protection policy document. Karnataka State Child Rights Policy 2016 even prescribed a model child protection policy for schools.
With the increasing number of crimes against children, especially sexual abuse and cybercrime, having a child protection policy document is the need of the hour, and the committee will urge the administration to make it mandatory. , said Renni D’Souza, co-organizer , Children’s Masotsava Committee.
He said the committee made up of civil society groups, conducted more than 40 sensitization programs in various schools and community halls between November 10 and January 3. “We also realized that many officials are unaware of this policy,” he said.
“A school should make it clear not only to students, but also to parents, that it opposes all forms of violations of child safety, including child abuse, such as physical and sexual abuse, exploitation, emotional abuse, corporal punishment and neglect.They must also ensure that all new buildings are designed in accordance with applicable laws.To reduce the risk of child abuse by adults, and among children themselves, keep children safe in all areas, including restrooms, bathrooms, sports equipment rooms, through measures such as adequate lighting, adult attendants and support groups It is important that the school keeps visitor logs and that the doors are monitored for everyone to enter and leave,” he said.
“Where outings for children are organized, several permissions and practices, such as written permission from parent or guardian, student safety orientation prior to departure, contact numbers parents or guardians in case of emergency, student-to-adult ratio for supervision, at least one adult trained in CPR, first aid, managing off-site restroom breaks, and using public transportation should be part of the team,” he said.