Protection system

An 11 hectare one-piece protection system that does not interfere with the use of tractors and equipment

A one-piece system that protects the orchard from Asian bugs, Carpocapsa and Eulia. “In this video from Valente Solutions, we discuss the protection of an apple orchard carried out at the Società Agricola Vanzani in Belfiore, in the Italian province of Verona, by our client Giuseppe Vanzani.”

“It all started in 2018, when the idea of ​​creating a new orchard came to fruition. Additional land was purchased, ie 11.6 hectares, entirely dedicated to apple cultivation.

There were a lot of problems to be solved. First of all, we had to face and overcome the problem of the Asian bug, which ravaged farmers’ orchards.

“Therefore, we decided to build this system, also known as a cube, with a closed net system, to create a barrier separating the indoor environment from the outdoor environment. In this way, attacks by the insect can be avoided and other pests such as Carpocapsa and Eulia butterflies can also be controlled. “

“Our technicians, in coordination with Vanzani, have developed an innovative project that combines the requirements of a cover with anti-hail nets with the orchard cover to prevent the intrusion of these new pests and insects.”

As a result, a unitary system has been created, a completely closed structure, obviously not hermetic, but it is sufficiently protective against the infestation of insects.

“The solution was also very appreciated by the customer, because it is of great help in the management of the orchard. From a technical point of view, it does not create any barrier, because once the sliding net that closes the entrance is open, it is possible to enter the orchard with the tractor or with other vehicles. “

Alessandro Valente and Giuseppe Vanzani

“This was a huge advantage for the client, as it allowed him to establish a modern planting system while preserving all the advantages of an outdoor orchard, as it existed in the past”, have- they concluded.

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