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Auto Protection Plan Provider Launches Furniture Division

SALT LAKE CITY – Automotive protection plan provider PermaPlate has launched PermaPlate Furniture, a new division to provide administrative and protection plans for the furniture industry.

“We are excited about this addition to the PermaPlate line, as we know innovation to serve and retain customers is financially critical for retailers.” said Tom Scott, the division’s general manager. “We wanted to design a different experience for furniture retailers and their valued customers, and we had a unique opportunity to design a solution that redefines the way customers view furniture service contract plans, and more importantly, how their plans could be priced and how claims could be adjudicated”.

Scott says PermaPlate, which has been in the appearance protection warranty industry for nearly 44 years, is in an ideal position to expand into furniture as it has the experience in underwriting and administration, service network and technology to have a real impact on policyholders.

He also thinks there is a lot of room for improvement in the furniture warranty protection space.

“Technology that makes it easier for customers to purchase plans and file claims online is not a meaningful innovation,” he told Furniture Today. “We will disrupt the furniture warranty industry by bringing a new perspective to how we redefine customer service. We will remove unnecessary barriers preventing customers from getting claims approved and work on solutions with our service network that will reduce the time it takes for customers to resolve furniture issues.

“We reviewed the reviews and found that the process was quite laborious for consumers,” he continued. “There is a breakdown in the approval request process, capturing specific furniture issues and leveraging technologies with service technicians, which could provide better transparency for customers on parts and components to fix their furniture. .”

Scott says the company has been researching the industry over the past year, interviewing retailers, customers, furniture makers, parts suppliers and service technicians. He found that retailers are looking for new revenue opportunities to offset increased operating expenses caused by the pandemic.

“PermaPlate Furniture will complement our core services as Appearance Protection Warranty Administrator and provide a workable solution for furniture retailers and, more importantly, their valued customers,” said PermaPlate President John Nisson. . “We see this as an opportunity to modernize an important economic industry like the furniture industry.”

PermaPlate Furniture will provide retailers with free warranty training, salesperson training, in-store and online marketing creatives, and account management assistance.