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“Build With Robots” adds disinfection protection to the UNM pit

Breezy One ™ provides robotic disinfection services before every home game at the UNM Pit. Courtesy / Building with robots

PIT News:

ALBUQUERQUE – Build With Robots, an Albuquerque-based robotics company, provides robotic disinfection services before every home game at UNM’s Pit, adding another layer of protection for students, players and UNM fans during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Breezy One ™, the Build With Robots disinfectant robot, eliminates 99.99% of all pathogens.

“Watching basketball at the Pit is an iconic experience,” said Matthew Ennis, director of strategy for Build With Robots. “With Breezy at work at night, fans can feel safe watching games at the Pit. “

Lobo Athletics Vice President / Sports Director Eddie Nunez said, “Breezy One helps us create a healthy environment to enjoy live basketball. With Breezy, UNM Athletics provides another metric to enable our ability to host events in our iconic Pit in a safe manner. ”

Lobo Athletics Deputy DA David Williams said: “Breezy is making it safe for student-athletes to do what they love to do in the pandemic world.”

Lobo Men’s Basketball Head Coach Richard Pitino said, “We know how special this building is to our program and to our great state of New Mexico. We want you to be every game and make it the hardest place to play in all college basketball. Thanks to Breezy, after every game, they make sure that this environment is cleaned up properly. It’s amazing to have returning fans. We want to make sure we provide a safe environment and make sure that this pit is packed again. But make sure it is securely packaged.

“Build With Robots makes disinfection easy and consistent with Breezy One,” Ennis said. “We use engineering and science to make sure potential pathogens are eliminated. “

Breezy One takes the cleaning process to the next level. Without the possibility of human error, the robot disinfects every square inch of the pit and every area is tested for its effectiveness.

To see Breezy One in action at PIT or for more information on Build With Robots, visit