Protection file

Calcutta High Court PIL strengthens protection for women traveling on local trains in West Bengal

A DIP has been filed with the Calcutta High Court on the protection of women traveling in female-only compartments on local trains. The appeal called for the deployment of women in the railway police on all local trains in West Bengal as well as the installation of CCTV cameras at the entrances and exits of the women’s compartments.

The PIL, filed by a certain Mousomee Shome in person, referred to incidents that took place in the compartments reserved for women.

During the PIL hearing on Thursday, the Eastern Railway board produced the communication dated 24.11.2021 sent by the Senior Divisional Security Commissioner (Coordination) / RPF, Eastern Railway / Howrah disclosing the measures taken in this direction.

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The division bench of Chief Justice Prakash Shrivastava and Judge Rajarshi Bharadwaj ordered counsel for the Eastern Railway to deliver a copy to counsel for the applicant and “it will be open to counsel for the applicant to report it by filing the appropriate documents to show whether all these measures have been taken on the spot, ”the court said.

The Chamber further ordered the Applicant’s Counsel to provide a copy of the Application as well as the attachments to the Council of State.