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Chandigarh has 3-member panel for the protection of escaped couples, High Court says

The Chandigarh administration told the high court in Punjab and Haryana that a committee consisting of a deputy commissioner, a police superintendent and a director of social protection had been set up to examine the perception of the threat and examine the costs of board and lodging for a longer stay for couples on the run.

The Chandigarh administration also said that four rooms, with an attached toilet, had been reserved to ensure the protection of the couples.

Food and accommodation

For the first 10 days, accommodation is provided free of charge to the sector 19 protection house, and thereafter they must pay ??100 per day. During the first 10 days the three meals of the day are also provided free in a designated mess, thereafter couples are charged ??125 / – per person. They also have a shared kitchen for making tea and coffee, UT told the court.

The information was submitted during the resumption of a plea hearing in which the court monitors facilities for fleeing couples in the two states of Punjab and Haryana, and in Union territory. from Chandigarh.

Protection and advice

The court was also told that the Chandigarh police would provide an officer at the house to protect the couples’ safety.

Regarding legal advice, the state legal services authority, Chandigarh, has recruited five lawyers to provide legal advice. “Other facilities, such as social counseling, will also be provided to couples, if the welfare service requests it. Chandigarh Police have also established standard operating procedure to deal with the perceived threat to couples, ”UT’s additional prosecutor JS Toor told the court.

Other measures include the creation of an anti-trafficking unit in Sector 17 to deal with such cases. For emergency response, 112 has been dedicated and there are 24×7 telephone support numbers 0172-2924847 and 9855702356.

The “Special Unit for the Protection of Fugitive Couples” link is operational on the Chandigarh Police website, where couples can raise their grievances without exposing their physical presence at the police station, Toor told the court.

He was also informed that to assess the perception of the threat, a PCR vehicle as well as a duty officer and a person in charge of the special cell will immediately reach the scene.

Measures will be taken for the safety of the couples and, if necessary, will be sent to the protection house, sector 19, Chandigarh, the court said, adding that in the case of an underage girl, she would be sent to Aashiana, sector. 15, Chandigarh. Any FIR / complaint received / registered regarding honor killing, caste or religious violence, an effective investigation would be concluded within 60 to 90 days, Toor assured in court.

Adopt SOPs to celebrate marriage, says HC to admn

The court, taking note of the measures taken by the administration, said that in dealing with such cases, it found that most of these couples are exploited by some religious institutions to celebrate their marriage. No documents are requested, no records are kept, but considerable amounts are charged. It would be appropriate if Chandigarh and the administration of the cities of tricity could ensure that religious places adopt a standard procedure for the celebration of marriage. An appropriate record of the marriages performed is kept and a certificate is issued to the married couple, the court said, adding that it hoped that the legal services authorities would extend their full cooperation to publicize the forum available to the couples for the redress of their claim. grievance and legal aid. Clinics.

Shared responsibility of tricities administrations: HC

On a question of limited accommodation in a safe home in Sector 19 available to the Chandigarh administration, the court said couples from both states apply to the courts in Chandigarh for protection, therefore, Cooperation is required from the administrations of Panchkula and Mohali to share the accommodation of safe homes set up in these two cities, to accommodate couples from their respective states who disembark in Chandigarh. The advice of the two administrations also ensured that there would be no problem in extending cooperation to share accommodation in shelters.


    Surender Sharma is a senior correspondent in Chandigarh. It covers the high court of Punjab and Haryana.
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