Protection system

Exchange houses will adopt a wage protection system

DOHA: Some exchange houses have started preparing to be part of the proposed Wage Protection System (WPS).
The system, which has not yet been implemented, would ensure that all workers in the private sector receive their wages by electronic transfer.
Although the recently published new Labor Law (No. 1 of 2015) makes the scheme compulsory for companies covered by it, it provides a sufficient grace period for its implementation.
Banks and financial institutions such as exchange houses must be part of the WPS network because the number of beneficiary workers is large. A manager of a currency exchange told this newspaper yesterday that although they have not yet been officially informed, they are developing the “new product”.
He said that when the system was introduced in the UAE a few years ago, exchange houses were not part of the WPS network, but later they were included.
Asked what happens to foreign workers who are here on “free visas”, or runaway workers, once the WPS comes into force, Al Zaman said the aim of the new labor law is to protect the right of workers to be paid on time. “The extent to which this law helps to combat irregularities such as payments to free visas and runway workers by their illegal employers can only be seen over time,” he said.
However, the new rule does not seem to bother some illegal workers as they believe their original sponsors could open salary accounts for them with financial institutions, as required by law, and transfer their salary.
And they could return the money to their employers immediately afterwards, said a “visa-free” worker. This happens in the case of expats with low salaries who want to show larger salary transfers to be able to sponsor their family.
“Their sponsors transfer additional money as part of their salary and that money is returned to them.” A “free visa” is a work visa for sale on which a foreign worker arrives after buying it and works illegally elsewhere. In most cases, according to the rule, the sponsorship of a worker is officially transferred from the “free visa” to a regular visa after one year. As for fleeing workers, they can be paid in cash by their illegal employers. The peninsula