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Executive protection in times of geopolitical turmoil

You can start doing this by asking the following three questions:

1. Are all of your employees and leaders aware of the likely attack vectors and entry points for cyberattacks against private organizations that could result from geopolitical unrest?

2. Does your organization understand its current vulnerabilities and digital risk profile, including exposed data relating to all your employees, executives and partners that can be weaponized to inflict financial or reputational harm on your organization?

3. Does your organization monitor, detect and respond, in real time, 24/7, to any sensitive exposure related to your employees or managers?

Digital Risk Protection (DRPS) is essential to protect executives, VIPs or employees – including public authorities and executives of private companies, especially those related to critical infrastructure such as energy, financial services , telecommunications or the pharmaceutical industry – which are always high-value targets in hybrid cyber warfare operations.

Bad actors are using cyber warfare against us. We need to deploy strategies and tools to protect ALL of our employees, not just a select few executives. It has been said for a decade that physical security and cybersecurity will converge.

The future is now, if you don’t use cyber tools to see early indicators of threats to your cyber and physical assets, you’re like a battleship without radar. Your immediate field of vision is not enough.

Request a demo Constella’s Geopolitical Protection Platform and learn how you can stay ahead of geopolitical threats that could negatively impact your people, brand or assets.