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Florida school uses ‘active shooting dog’ as protection after Parkland and Uvalde shootings – NBC 6 South Florida

A private school in Southwest Florida has added an extra layer of four-legged protection in an effort to keep students safe after deadly shootings in Parkland and Uvalde, Texas.

Colby, one of three “Skool Dogs” in the country and the only one in Florida, works at The Village School in Naples and specializes in responding to an active shooter and the gunpowder scene.

“We’re both certified as an active shooter response team to love threats and things like that,” said Officer Daniel, Colby’s manager and the school’s resource officer. , in an interview with the NBC affiliate. WBBH-TV.

Colby was donated to school anonymously by a family two years ago following the deadly 2018 shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School. Daniel and Colby have undergone several weeks of training and now patrol the campus all day.

“It allows us to do our job better and then have the resources to detect or deter if needed,” Daniel said. “She won’t hesitate to do what she is trained to do. If there are any shots, she will actually take the K-9 handler to them.

Dennis Chapman, the school’s principal, said parents feel better knowing the duo are keeping the campus secure at all times. “All the money we have invested in safety and security comes from donations. Our parents are very passionate about the safety of their children,” Chapman said.