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Letter: Wolves deserve our protection

Last year, Idaho approved the killing of 90% of its wolves and Wisconsin killed 200 in less than 60 hours. Recently, 500 people were killed in the northern Rockies.

It is a disaster for our ecosystems.

When the wolves have returned to yellowstone, they changed the ecosystem. Sure, they killed a few animals, but the deer and elk became more alert and moved more frequently. Where they had overgrazed, the willows and aspens regenerated. The songbirds have returned. Soil erosion has decreased. The beavers spread and built new dams and ponds. Even the rivers have changed, with deeper channels and shaded pools providing better habitat for amphibians, fish and ducks. There are debates over whether it was all because of the wolves, but they were certainly responsible for most of the changes.

Wolves do not kill children, although this was at one time used as a reason to shoot them. They only take a small percentage of cattle, for which the herders are compensated. I’m more concerned about the methane-belching, climate-impacting livestock, many raised on our public lands.

Although now protected in much of the country, wolves are not in the northern Rockies. The anti-wolf contingent has a really powerful lobby.

Please contact US Secretary of the Interior Deb Haaland and request an emergency re-listing of the Northern Rocky Mountain gray wolf under the Endangered Species Act.

Wolves deserve our protection. They have ecosystems to heal.

Catherine Delanoy