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Migrant Protection Protocols Program Expands to Texas, California

Despite calls from the Biden administration to end the Migrant Protection Protocols program, more commonly known as “MPP” or “Stay in Mexico” program, the policy continued to be used. It has now spread from parts of Texas to border areas near San Diego, California. The program keeps asylum seekers waiting at the southern border in Mexico while their case goes through the immigration court system, rather than allowing those people to reside in the United States while a decision is made.

Earlier this year, the Biden administration made efforts to end the program, which was formed and instituted by former President Trump. However, lawsuits were filed by Texas and Missouri to force a prosecution of the MPP, and a federal judge ordered the program reinstated. The Biden administration is actively appealing these decisions, but must continue the program until these appeals are heard.

Since the policy was reapplied last month, more than 200 immigrants have been returned to Mexico. Officials in the Biden administration said that despite the program continuing, attempts were underway to make the program more humane for non-nationals awaiting processing. Some of these humanitarian attempts included better access to a lawyer, both in Mexico and the United States, to prepare for court hearings, as well as transportation directly to shelters in Mexico. The Mexican government has also pledged to provide better security in shelters for undocumented migrants. Finally, the Department of Homeland Security (“DHS”) recently returned more than 30 asylum seekers to the United States for their hearings in immigration court, the first to hold hearings since the program was reinstated.

The United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) has called for an end to the program, saying it puts asylum seekers at risk and violates their due process rights.

Operation Afghan Allies greeted by New Jersey Air Guard

As of August, members of the New Jersey National Guard Airmen from the 108e Wing and 177e Fighter Wing supported Operation Allies Welcome to Liberty Village on Joint Base McGuire-Dix-Lakehurst in Burlington County, New Jersey. Operation Allies Welcome is a mission designed to assist Afghan refugees by providing them with housing support, medical care, and assistance with their immigration applications to stay in the United States. It is a joint mission between several arms of the United States military, in which the NJ Air National Guard works alongside the United States military, navy, coast guard and other government agencies to support those fleeing life and death situations in Afghanistan after the Taliban regains control. from the country.

National Guard Airmen work throughout the village in a variety of roles, from governor to logistical support. At Liberty Village, there is a system of governors, mayors and alumni created to provide more leadership structures to refugees that resemble the political structures in Afghanistan and will help ease the transition to the United States. There are weekly town hall style meetings to discuss important issues in the village. Liberty Village is divided into many small villages, each having grown into a small town with a large population, sometimes over 7,000 Afghan refugees and several hundred military personnel.

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