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Namecheap Introduces Vault-Style Domain Security Protection Tool

Domain Registrar and Web hosting company Namecheap has released a new domain protection and security product aimed at keeping your websites safe.

Available now with a 30-day free trial offer, Domain Vault merges several key security tools to protect against domain hijacking, cyber threats, and other security risks that grow as a website grows. grows and develops.

Among the main features included in Domain Vault is a registry lock feature that prevents the modification of nameservers and the transfer of domains.

Domain name security

Namecheap says its new offering makes it “virtually impossible” for anyone other than the owner to change domain settings.

The platform comes in two packages, both offering protection for one domain – Domain Vault Silver costs $1.88 per month (£1.57) and covers all TLDs, while Domain Vault Titanium costs 19.97 $ per month (£16.62) and covers .com and .net only.

“While Namecheap provides the most essential security features for free, we created Domain Vault to provide an advanced level of security to give you even more peace of mind – much like keeping your money in a bank account or valuable family heirloom in a safe, instead of a closet at home,” said Julia Zinovieva, Domain Vault product manager.

Namecheap says only a small team of fully dedicated customer support specialists will work on Domain Vault, and less than 1% of the customer service team will have access to customer data to reduce the risk of human error leading to fraud.

The tool also offers 24/7 security monitoring for DNS changes and immediate access to the Namecheap security team for questions or investigations of suspicious activity.

Domain Vault is also said to have an additional layer of identity verification that requires both human verification and automatic verification before vital changes can be made.