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New England Patriots Show Commitment To Cyber ​​Protection By Welcoming HUB Tech As Acronis Delivery Partner #CyberFit

FOXBOROUGH, Massachusetts, December 6, 2021 – Today the New England Patriots and Acronis, a global leader in cyber protection, announced their official cyber protection partnership which will be supported by HUB Tech. Through this partnership with Acronis, the Patriots will have access to innovative cyber protection solutions to protect data, applications and systems to optimize data management and defend against cyber attacks.

“In our increasingly digital world, cyber protection and security are essential to all aspects of our business,” said Murray Kohl, vice president of corporate partnership sales for Kraft Sports + Entertainment. “Acronis’ cutting edge technology, innovative cybersecurity solutions, and ability to defend against cyber attacks sets them apart. We are excited to partner with Acronis and look forward to using their cybersecurity to protect the online data of our team and employees.

The team will use Acronis Cyber ​​Protect, an innovative enhanced artificial intelligence (IM) solution that integrates data protection with cybersecurity, prevents cyber attacks and helps avoid downtime. Acronis combines automation and integration, providing the prevention, detection, response, recovery and analysis needed to protect all workloads while streamlining protection efforts. Acronis cyber protection provides the Security, Accessibility, Privacy, Authenticity, and Security (SAPAS) services needed to protect modern sport.

“As a longtime New England fan, today is a very exciting day for me as we welcome the New England Patriots to our #CyberFit Sports family,” said Pat Hurley, vice president and manager General of Acronis, Americas. “With HUB Tech, we are confident that we will provide the best cyber protection services on the market at Gillette Stadium. Much like the feeling you get when wearing your favorite hoodie, Acronis offers the Patriots the comfort they are protected. and # CyberFit. “

HUB Tech has extended its partnership with Acronis to now join the #TeamUp program to provide cyber protection to professional sports teams. HUB Tech is an end-to-end IT solutions provider, leveraging the latest technology and proven partnerships to design, implement and maintain the systems their customers need to move their business forward. These services include network security and management, connectivity and end-user support, data center transformation, infrastructure management and more.

“The Patriots organization is professional and committed to excellence and we are delighted to partner with proven champions,” said Joseph Lovetere, president of HUB Tech. “At HUB Tech, we put our clients at the top of our organization and support them with our team members who thrive on technology. We believe in the continued development and growth of our team, keeping our clients connected, managed and secure. ”

By becoming a partner of Acronis #TeamUp, HUB Tech now joins the sports ecosystem to provide Acronis technology to one of the best franchises in the league. In this partnership, HUB Tech, Patriots and Acronis will share a rich set of sports marketing opportunities through access to hospitality, social media, executive appearances and content with players.

Acronis #TeamUp Program for Managed Service Providers

Service providers are invited to join the Acronis #TeamUp program to deliver Acronis cyber protection solutions to world-class sports properties on behalf of Acronis and enjoy a rich world of sports benefits and brand exposure. For more information, please visit

To learn more about Acronis’ extensive sports partnership program, please register to attend the Acronis #CyberFit Summit World Tour in Dubai and Singapore.