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North Korea celebrates Kim Il Sung’s death with emphasis on protecting Kim’s portraits and statues

North Koreans visit Mansudae Hill, where bronze statues of Kim Il Sung and Kim Jong Il stand. (KCNA)

North Korea celebrates the anniversary of the death of national founder Kim Il Sung on July 8 with an emphasis on careful maintenance of Kim’s portraits, statues and other images to avoid damage.

A Daily NK source in South Pyongan province said on Wednesday the government had demanded officials “take care” of Kim’s footage, warning of possible “enemy mischief” around the anniversary of his death. He also asked them to protect the Kim family images from flood damage.

According to the source, the South Pyongan Province party committee called an emergency meeting on July 1, during which it designated July as a month to have a “firm grip” on “politico-security activities”. “. He ordered all public safety agencies in the province to “painstakingly defend the #1 images of their lives.”

“No. 1” refers to the supreme rulers of the nation, past and present.

In particular, the provincial party committee called on the management offices of statues, revolutionary battle sites and revolutionary historical sites to constantly remain vigilant, strengthen their efforts to protect their sites, and uncover and crush enemy plans of malice. in right time.

He also called on government agencies, businesses and schools to mobilize the Worker-Peasant Red Guards and the Youth Red Guard to protect the “gains of the revolution”, as well as neighborhood watch units. forming five-person teams to prevent “any trouble” as part of efforts to protect the Kim family’s images.

Above all, the committee called on people to draw up plans to evacuate statues and images of Kim from historic sites and portraits of Kim from private homes when floods from the summer rains hit, and for people to remain vigilant being given that the reactionaries inside the country could use the time to do mischief.

That is to say, the committee told people to be vigilant as disgruntled people might intentionally damage the images, for example by throwing rocks at them and then pretending the monsoon rains had caused damage.

Additionally, the committee has asked all workplaces to keep detailed daily activity logs to protect Kim family images, warning that it will collect and review all of their logs on July 10, two days after the anniversary of Kim Il Sung’s death.

The committee also said it would review the extent to which workplace leaders and workplace safety officials were patrolling statues, historic sites and other images through August 24.

“We are receiving more political orders than usual this year. People say neighborhood watch units order forming five-man teams is unprecedented, and for the authorities to choke people in this way when it has already been difficult enough to survive horrifies them,” the source said.

“People don’t know why they’re being strangled like that, and say if they don’t support each other and stay on their toes, nobody knows what’s going to happen,” he added.

Translated by David Black. Edited by Robert Lauler.

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