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Patent Granted to O2Micro for Battery Protection System | 2021-12-09 | Press Releases

GEORGE TOWN, Grand Cayman, December 09, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – O2Microphone® International Limited (NASDAQ Global Select Market: OIIM), a global leader in the design, development and marketing of integrated circuits and high performance solutions, today announced the issuance of a patent granted to O2Micro for a battery protection.

O2Micro received 20 claims under GB Patent No. 2565006 on September 8, 2021, for the invention of a battery protection system, which includes a sensor, a primary protection circuit, coupled to the sensor, and a protection circuit secondary, coupled to the primary protection circuit and the sensor. The sensor is configured to generate a detection signal indicative of a temperature in a battery pack when the sensor is activated. The main protection circuit is configured to generate a sync signal in a first state or a second state, sample the detection signal when the sync signal is in the first state, and provide primary protection to the battery pack based on the detection signal. A secondary protection circuit is configured to be controlled by the sync signal, sample the sense signal when the sync signal is in the second state, and provide secondary protection to the battery pack based on the sense signal.

Dr. Guoxing Li, Vice President of Advanced Technology, O2Micro, commented, “This invention provides a cost effective solution to improve battery temperature related protections and achieve higher operational safety requirements. & CloseCurlyDoubleQuote;

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