Protection system

Putin orders Russian Security Council to create state-run ‘information protection system’

Russian President Vladimir Putin called a meeting of the country’s Security Council on Friday and proposed the formation of a state information protection system. Speaking about protecting the national cyberspace, Putin stressed the importance of establishing a state-run information security system.

“I also expect specific proposals from you on additional measures to be taken to ensure the stable functioning of the information infrastructure in government and public administration,” he said during the meeting. meeting, CASS reports the news agency.

The Russian President noted that one of the most critical responsibilities is to improve the security of state information systems and communication networks. According to 2021 assessments, the majority of resources operating in the country are subject to huge attacks and damaging external influences, especially when using latest generation foreign technologies. President Putin also stressed the importance of strengthening the defense of the national digital space.

“It is fundamentally important to cancel the risks of leakage of confidential information and personal data of citizens, in particular through stricter control of the rules for the use of official equipment, communications, communications,” he said. affirmed.

‘Information sphere is developing rapidly’: Putin

The Russian President further instructed the Security Council to consider the draft foundations of state policy in the area of ​​securing the country’s critical IT infrastructure. Putin went on to say that the legal framework has been significantly improved, allowing government entities and critical infrastructure to improve the effectiveness of information protection.

However, he also noted that the nature of challenges and threats are changing dynamically and rapidly. “The information sphere itself is undergoing rapid development,” he noted, according to CASS.

Putin calls for accelerating the introduction of indigenous technologies

It is relevant to mention here that the Russian President signed a decree on May 1 that sets new parameters and requirements for the establishment of the state information protection system. Putin demanded that the government speed up the introduction of indigenous technologies, as the use of foreign information security tools will be banned from 2025.

“Thus, in order to strengthen our technological sovereignty, the government must create a base of modern Russian electronic components as soon as possible,” he said. The Russian president also stressed the importance for the country to develop its own technological equipment, including that necessary for the production of software and hardware systems.

Image: AP