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Sunrise Beach Fire Protection District adds general revenue increase to August ballot

SUNRISE BEACH, Mo. (KY3) – The Sunrise Beach Fire Protection District added a general revenue increase to the Aug. 2 ballot.

“Our call volume has increased 23% over the past three years,” said Sunrise Beach Fire Protection District Chief Joseph LaPlant.

The Sunrise Beach Fire Protection District hopes voters will approve a property tax increase called the “Fire Proposal”.. / money raised will cover the costs of equipping, staffing and keeping Station Four open full time.

The tax rate is 0.4905. This increases it to 0.7905. That would end up being around a dollar for every $100 assessed.

Chief LaPlant says improving the fire protection district will help homeowners.

“The most important thing this is going to do for us as a man is our station four, which will reduce the ISO (insurance services organization) rating to a class four in this area, thereby reducing insurance rates and potentially reducing Celler.Road’s ISO rating, thereby reducing insurance rates as well,” Chief LaPlant said.

Some people we spoke to said they supported the ballot measure and were all for the money going to the district.

Chief LaPlant says the additional resources funded by the tax increase will continue to keep the area safe.

“For that third truck to respond and help handle that load of calls, there’s less of a chance that we’re not available or you’ll get mutual aid or, in other words, an out-of-truck district fire department to attend to your emergency because we are busy with other calls,” said Chief LaPlant.

The election is August 2.

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