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Swiss citizen finds protection from al-Shabaab after his son raped helpless girls in Somalia

MOGADISHU (HORN OBSERVER) – A Swiss citizen Abdikarin Ahmedsalan Abdi, who lives in Graubünden, managed to gain protection from the terrorist group in Somalia after he paid the group to threaten two helpless families in Mogadishu whose underage daughters were raped by Abdi. adult son Mohamed Abdikarin Ahmedsalan.

According to the families of the victims, the two girls aged 10 and 11 respectively were living with their grandmother in the Wardhigley neighborhood of Mogadishu when Ahmedsalan raped them.

“He used to repeatedly rape the girls for two years now. He used to threaten and intimidate the girls. He lived in the same villa and every time the grandmother left the house, he would take his knife and threaten to kill the young girls,” said Mama Asho, one of the victims’ mothers.

Asho never left Mogadishu, but one morning in December she received a call from an al-Shabaab official and told her to arrive at the militant court in Lower Shabelle.

“I didn’t know how they got my contact. I was very scared because I’m a civilian. I don’t know why they [al-Shabaab] would want me for their courtship,” Asho recounts as she later realizes it was Abdi, the Somali-Swiss citizen who had given her contact to al-Shabaab militants.

Al-Shabaab has now morphed into a criminal racketeering group extorting money from businesses and government officials and even offering services to criminals who need contract killings, according to a Juneid Ayanle who leads a local non-profit advocacy group Somali Progressive Council.

“Many rape survivors and victims – especially those in the minority – cannot access government courts. Worse still, rapists hire al-Shabaab militants to threaten their victims. In this way, justice dies “, did he declare. Mr Ayanle

Last week, Mama Asho, the mother of one of the victims, filed a complaint with the Attorney General’s office demanding justice for the girls. According to the document seen by Horn Observer.

“We are waiting for justice. It is very painful when your young daughter is raped and the rapist is protected by the armed militants with the financial support of her father who lives in Switzerland,” said Abdirahman Omar, father of one of the victims.

Investigations, prosecutions and convictions for rape and other forms of sexual violence are rare in Somalia, so survivors have little incentive to file complaints with the police. Some women faced further abuse and stigma if they reported the crime.

According to the UN report, the majority of rape cases take place in IDP camps and at least 70% of them are perpetrated by armed men wearing government uniforms. Nearly a third of the survivors are believed to be under 18 years old.