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Tamil Nadu government’s new policy guarantees better protection for children

Chennai: The state government on Saturday unveiled an ambitious policy for children to ensure more robust improvement in some of its child protection indicators such as child marriage, child labor, crimes against children. children and the number of children in conflict with the law.

Reaffirming that the child is the most important asset, the “Tamil Nadu State Policy for Children 2021” identified areas that needed more attention such as malnutrition, anemia, infant mortality, under-5 mortality, child sex ratio, full vaccination, body mass index, gross enrollment at secondary and higher level, and open defecation.

Identifying the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals as essential for the overall development of children, the policy grants children the right to express their views so that their views on all matters affecting them are heard and respected.

It recognizes the right of the child not to be discriminated against on the basis of place of birth, sex, religion, caste, class, language, disability and social and economic status and adheres to the principle of “the first appeal for children, which prescribes all actions concerning children taken by public, private and administrative authorities, in addition to legislative bodies, as being in the best interests of children.

The policy also guarantees to protect children from violence, abuse and exploitation and to provide access to education and good health care and commits to equal access to life, survival, to health and nutrition by identifying their health needs at all stages of life.

Thus, high priority would be given to investing in the first 1000 days of the child’s life, from the mother’s pregnancy until the end of two years. Increased and improved access to information to enable the community to make informed choices about births, birth spacing and health impact is another area the document emphasizes.

List the dos and don’ts at different stages of the child’s life from childbirth, the policy emphasis on monitoring all children in the age group 0-8 years, whether they come from migrant labor or from slum dwellers, whether they are on the street or third sex or physically disabled.

He speaks at length about providing every child with education and protection and ensuring their participation with the understanding of their rights in all activities, including the Bala Sabhas which should be created in the Grama Sabhas.

It is also committed to strengthening all existing mechanisms, providing adequate funds, establishing systems to monitor policy implementation, harnessing technology and raising awareness of all stakeholders, including children themselves. .